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Holiday Traditions

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It’s important to start the holiday planning early and discuss what is important to each family member. A plan will help replace traditional ingredients that later will cause  symptoms to flare. A plan will help extended family members understand how much this mean to you, which will reduce their feelings of being hurt or offended.

The internet is flooded with recipes that provide satisfying substitutions for most traditional foods.  Google Search words such as: Paleo Auto Immune Thanksgiving, Paleo Thanksgiving, SCD Thanksgiving, provide ample ideas.  Starting the planning process now will not only provide food you can eat, but also reduce 'holiday stress'. 

Here are some suggestions to have the best Thanksgiving yet:

1. Prepare in advance.

Talk with your extended family or friends and identify what is being served for the holiday.  Feel confident to bring your own version or something different. When you are kind and Matter of Fact that you choose this lifestyle, more people will be intrigued than insulted. Chances are they or someone they know are struggling with digestion issues and poor health.

2. Desserts

Sugar is a large villain, which compromises your efforts. Bring some dark chocolate to satiate your sweet tooth and help you feel satisfied so to by-pass the dessert table. Another great way to reduce the carbohydrates is with crust-less pies or with pumpkin mousse.There are  many dairy free versions of mousse, which use ingredients such as: avocado, cacao powder,  maple syrup and coconut milk

3. Supplements

In the event you do eat food which creates a flare, talk with Dr. Morris ahead of time about which supplements are best for you to help break down and digest the high allergen proteins more quickly like this Gluten/Dairy Digest Enzyme.

4. Abundance vs. Scarcity

A large piece to our recovery is to train our mind to look for abundance rather than scarcity. To look at what we can do rather than staring at all the seemingly insurmountable obstacles. To look at what our condition is teaching us rather than what it is taking away. To look at all the foods we can eat rather than perseverating on the foods which will cause us to react severely. Read more Here about our Mind Concept Piece to include in your Care Plan

5. Cook ahead of time

Try the recipes, found on the internet or in a cookbook, ahead of time. Print out the recipes and take notes. Make your own binder of recipes to use for future holidays. A little bit of planning goes a long way to feeling pleased with your food options.

6. Flour Alternatives

With so many patients becoming sensitive to Coconut and Almond there is the option of Cassava Flour. Cassava is gluten, grain and nut-free, as well as vegan, vegetarian and paleo.  Since cassava is high in starch it could mean an insulin spike! Use Cassava in moderation, particularly if you’re following a low carbohydrate, low-sugar or Paleo-based diet. To reduce the amount of grains, a perfect place to skip the carbohydrates is the stuffing. Try a ground pork, mushrooms, green peppers, apples or pears or another version that does not require GF bread.

Translation: don’t eat cassava flour recipes at every meal! As always, moderation is key. 

7. A Well Stocked Baking Cabinet

Having the ingredients on hand, in one cabinet, helps to minimize the amount of time to bake your desserts/rolls for the holidays. 

8. Fat

Use Ghee or Duck Fat or Avocado Oil to rub on the bird rather than butter. Melt Coconut Oil and Ghee together. Place in glass container and use on your GF rolls rather than butter. Use Ghee or Duck Fat for your gravy.

9. Magnesium

Talk with Dr. Morris about taking extra magnesium to make up for any the alcohol will deplete further from your body.

10. Kids

If your kids  are the ones recovering from a chronic condition, it's best if all family members adhere to the nutritional recommendations of his/her care plan. Parents are the role models and lead the family toward healing through their actions more than by their words. If you need to eat high allergen foods, then do so once the kids are in bed and there is no way for them to see you 'sneaking'. 


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